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Survival Belt Classic Brown

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Warranty: 24 months

Manufacturer: Slidebelts Inc. Logo
Product description

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Unique belt with integrated survival equipment in any conditions. The belt is made of a high-strength strap that is completely coated with an extremely durable flexible plastic. The circumferential size is adjusted using a patented groove system on the inside of the belt that locks in the buckle. As a result, the belt can be adjusted in small steps of approx. 8 mm !!!

The belt buckle is made of aluminum alloy. Outside the locking mechanism for length adjustment:

1. Opening knife with high-strength steel

2. opener opener

3. a magnesian firelighter for emergency firing

4. LED torch

The Survival Belt can be used in any emergency or everyday situation. The belt excels in its extreme load capacity and durability. The ability to tighten in small increments of up to 8 mm allows any luggage or item to be attached.

The integrated opening knife is highly durable, can also be used as an emergency can opener, etc.

The magnesian firelighter reliably ensures that the fire is in an emergency until it is completely abraded. It is of course available as a spare part !!!

The Survival Belt is a unique tool for all athletes, outdoor and professional security professionals and rescue team members.

At first glance, an ordinary belt hides cutting-edge technology and materials to help you manage crisis situations.


The Survival Belt is produced in a length of 1220 mm. The strap is simply shortened to the needs of each user. The strap is 38 mm wide.

Before trimming the strap, add at least 5 cm to the measured length.
Use good scissors to cut off excess tape.

Attach the buckle by clamping the latch with the mandrels down on the shortened end of the strap.



Keep out of reach of children. This product and the accompanying accessories are not toys and may present a hazard.

It should be noted that the Survival belt includes an integrated knife !!!

Never put this product in places where weapons are prohibited (eg airports, etc.)

To avoid accidental injury:

  •     Never use a firelighter inside a house or where fires are prohibited.
  •     Make sure the knife blade is fully inserted before using the belt.
  •     Never carry the belt when the knife blade is open.
  •     Be careful when opening and closing the knife.
  •     Incorrect use of the firelighter can cause injury. Be careful not to injure the knife
        blade when striking the magnesia part of the firelighter.

Before buying The Survival Belt, every customer should check that the use of knives is permitted by law in the country of use. Neither SlideBelts nor any of its distributors or dealers assume any responsibility for any law or improper use of their products.

Note: Due to regulations, the Survival Belt is not available for purchase in the UK and Canada.